Bisbee Lockhart is a fan of crosswords, good Merlot, Key West beaches, and…British men. Bisbee loves to travel, too—mostly through deep bogs of denial that her extensive love for all things U.K. serves as a big persuasion in her dating life decisions.

Fresh off another unsuccessful relationship with a picture-perfect Englishman, Bisbee swears to her (also British) best friend that she’s done with romance. Two seconds later, life has other plans when a handsome Brit quite literally runs into her in Central Park. This time around, love comes fast, but this charismatic man has also brought secrets slow to the surface from across the pond.

Does love really conquer all like in some of Bisbee’s favorite Jane Austen novels, or is some baggage just too heavy to successfully execute a life-changing Love, Actually moment?

Molly McGraw was enjoying her life in Savannah, Georgia as a nurse and longtime girlfriend to her college sweetheart—until that normality is unpleasantly interrupted by the death of a grandmother she barely knew. Now, Molly must pack up everything and head out west to pick up where her grandmother left off—in cleaning up the mess that is her older sister, Rainie. 

Chayton Lacroix was tolerating his life in Coyote Creek, Idaho as a hospital janitor and lifetime caretaker to his chronically sick mother—until everything is interrupted by the arrival of a new neighbor across the street. Southern, sassy, and full of questions that no one ever dare ask, Molly McGraw turns Chayton’s world—and heart—upside down. 

Together, Chayton and Molly will both learn the value of family, the darkness of prejudice, and that no matter what their circumstances were before, they are meant to make the ultimate stand in this quiet little town that has been asleep for far too long.

2,000 years. 5 lives. And it only took 1 second to unmake it all. 

After 14 months in a coma, Kit Carlow wakes up into a world that she does not recognize. The doctors tell her she had a terrible accident—a 90-foot fall into an abandoned quarry that somehow resulted in her miraculous survival. But Kit can hardly be thankful for that miracle, as everything she has ever known—from her name to her amazing career to the love of her life—has disappeared as if none of it ever existed. 

Kit cannot simply accept this reality that strangers assure is what her life has always been, and only days after Kit returns to her lonely Boston apartment, violent visions and flashbacks begin to haunt her. Determined to find answers, Kit follows those strange flashbacks across the world to the beautiful and mystic Ireland. 

Once she arrives, Kit finds herself thrown into a harrowing adventure, where castles, horses, hypnosis, past lives, and ancient Irish magic become her roadmap to find and get back her life that once was.